The Cold Capital EP

by Cold Capital

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This self-titled EP is the first official release from the Ottawa, Canada based blues/rock outfit Cold Capital


released August 15, 2013

Erik Hertzberg - Vocal, Guitar, Lyrics
Matt Muir - Guitar
Andrew Erlandson - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Nick Hertzberg - Organ/Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Jason Cote - Drums



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Cold Capital Ottawa, Ontario

Blues Rock from Ottawa, with a Roots Rock feel.

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Track Name: The Truth
Let me tell you ‘bout a girl I know, still paying off her trip to Mexico,
Tell you baby that that’s all I see, me and my little girl down in Tennessee,
Time’s gonna freeze and the sky’s going to snow, life’s cold as hell in Ontario,
Take my clothes hang them on the line, gonna take my time, gonna drink her wine.

You tell the truth, but that ain’t workin for ya.
You sing the blues, but that ain’t workin for ya.

Well it’s buy buy buy, baby sell sell sell, you’d lie to a few then ring the bell,
I’ll get the house with the salmon brick, “how much you pay for that?” what a deal, “what a trick!”
And it’s sell sell sell, baby buy buy buy, ain’t it hard tellin’ truths when you’re wearing a tie?
Far from the suburbs near the trees of pine, gonna take my time gonna drink her wine.
Track Name: Sign Me Up
Verse 1
Turning off the tube, born to sing the blues,
Waitress at the bar, she wants to be a star,
Get a good degree, well hey now look at me,

Sign me up…for mediocrity,
Sign me up…for mediocrity,

Verse 2
Worked down to the bone, by things you don’t condone,
Slaving at a desk, the man takes half your cheque,
The clocks at ten and three, you want to be set free,


Sign me up x4

Ain’t no reason for it baby, it’s all the same,
You go your way, in the pouring rain,
Ain’t no reason for it baby, call a spade,
Stop beating round the bushes cause you know that,
Time is brief, Time’s a thief.

Repeat Verse 1

Sign me up x4